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Barb brings vast personal and professional life experiences to share. She balances a mastery in the quantitative aspects of traditional financial and estate planning with her passion for qualitative work with individuals, couples and families. Barb teams with other top professionals nationally to offer Purposeful Planning – their unique process which encourages individuals, couples and families to maximize all of their potential - financial and personal - individually and collectively. Thoughtfully applying the concepts of both qualitative and quantitative planning, Barb and her team partner with clients using keen skills and unique insights to create alignment within families which perpetuates their values and their material wealth while also emphasizing family connection and fulfillment of shared purpose.

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Four Part Webinar Series

Purposeful Planning: Conversations Beyond The Balance Sheet with Barb Culver

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Originally aired January 10th - 31st. Access the recordings now!

This four-part webinar series takes a deep dive into fostering meaningful client relationships and building the type of trust that creates lifelong loyalty. 

Session 1: Distinguish Yourself with Purposeful Planning
January 10th at 2 PM EST

  • The difference between Purposeful Planning and Traditional Planning
  • Transitioning from Traditional Selling to Conversational Consulting
  • Redefining the Client to Include the Entire Family

Session 2: Answers to Your Clients' Most Important Questions

January 17th at 2 PM EST

  • What to say and do to develop lasting trust from the entire family
  • The top two questions on the mind of aging people and how to address them
  • The top two questions on the mind of the family of aging people and how to answer them
  • The Diminished Capacity Directive: Creating a framework of support for the entire family

Session 3: Tapping Into Never Ending Referrals

January 24th at 2 PM EST

  • The top three questions on the mind of new widows and how to answer them
  • The top three questions on the mind of the families of widows and how to answer them
  • Understanding the role of the advisor during the three stages of widowhood
  • What to say and not say; what to do and not do

Session 4: How to Keep a Client for Longer Than Life

January 31st at 2 PM EST

  • Building out a new team of affiliated advisors
  • Facilitating Intergenerational communication, conflict resolution
  • Creating best outcomes during life’s most stressful situations

Connect with the next generation of clients by working with both benefactors and beneficiaries.

Engage Clients

Expand Your Advisory Role

Extend Your Reach

Strengthen client relationships by involving them in the active work of their end-of-life plans.

Meet Barb Culver

Prove your worth as an advisor by filling gaps in your clients’ planning.


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