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Recorded Webinar: Empowering Clients to Communicate Future Healthcare Wishes

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Original Air Date: Friday, December 9th, 1:00 PM EST

Join speaker and author Anne Elizabeth Denny for an informative webinar discussing how to empower clients to communicate future and end-of-life healthcare wishes. 

Discussing your client's mortality can be uncomfortable. Yet such conversations are essential as part of a thoughtful plan that prepares your clients - and their loved ones - for the future possibility of difficult healthcare decisions. In this webinar, you will be inspired to embrace healthcare directives as a new client engagement strategy. You will discover how coaching your clients to communicate future healthcare wishes can: 

- Improve your client retention by strengthening client relationships 

- Cultivate new prospects by engaging multiple generations 

- Protect your clients and their loved ones during a medical crisis

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Strengthen client relationships by involving them in the active work of their end-of-life plans.

Speaker, author and teacher Anne Elizabeth Denny inspires peace of mind by educating and equipping families to share meaningful conversations about future healthcare decisions.

Anne graduated from the University of Notre Dame with her Bachelors degree in Economics. For most of her career, she has served as an independent business consultant in the healthcare industry. Her mother’s twenty-year journey of living with Alzheimer’s has given Anne a real-life perspective on how families wrestle with these difficult decisions.

With the goal of making end-of-life healthcare planning more approachable for everyone, Anne created a web-based healthcare directive system that was purchased by Allina Health. Additionally, she has written a book My Voice, My Choice: A Practical Guide to Writing a Meaningful Healthcare Directive. Most recently, Anne has developed her healthcare directives coaching program called Healthcare Choices from the Heart.

Through her book, workshop, coaching and engaging seminars, Anne Elizabeth Denny provides practical tools that empower individuals and families to prepare for—and talk about—future health and personal care decisions.

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